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Our prices are subject to change at any time without notice.


Pricing Offers

Unless stated otherwise, written quotes and offers are valid only for the month following the date on which they are sent.


Order Acceptance

These general conditions apply to orders accepted by our Company, except in special cases by prior express agreement. If the purchaser disagrees with any one or more of the following stipulations, he must notify our Company by registered letter no more than eight days (or 15 days if the purchaser is located outside the country) after the order receipt acknowledgement is sent; otherwise the purchaser is considered to have accepted these conditions, regardless of any stipulation to the contrary that may be included in his own documents and except for any possible special conditions with prior express agreement.


Reservation of Title

In accordance with French Law No. 80.335 dated May 12, 1980, our merchandise remains our property until payment in full of the sale price.


Delivery Title

Probable shipping times are estimates only and imply departure from our stores located at our headquarters. A delivery delay cannot be cause for any indemnity. If delivery has not been made at the end of 60 days following the notice sent by the purchaser, the order will be considered cancelled with full legality.



Les matériels voyagent aux risques et périls du destinataire auquel il appartient de vérifier les expéditions à l’arrivée et exercer des réserves écrites et recours sur les bordereaux des transporteurs. Sauf conventions particulières, le choix du mode de transporteur est laissé à l’initiative de l’expéditeur. Les frais de magasinage seront à la charge du destinataire au-delà d’une période de 5 jours après mise à disposition. Les frais d’express, de contre-remboursement, de mise à CIF, etc. seront à la charge du destinataire.



Any returns of motors or assemblies must be with prior agreement from WORMS ENTREPRISES. Spare parts may not be returned or exchanged. Authorized returns will be postage paid by the shipper, even for warranty returns.



We reserve the right to modify our equipment and our prices without notice. Modifications are not made or applied to equipment already delivered or orders in progress.



(see Warranty section)



WORMS ENTREPRISES is required to fill only the orders that it has accepted, insofar as nothing abnormal impedes production or shipments by the company: in particular, total or partial strikes, production machine accidents, riots, state of war, fires, epidemics, floods, transportation interruptions, problems with raw material supplies, and any case of force majeure that forces us to delay or cancel all or part of an order whose execution has been suspended, with no indemnity incurred.



Since the agents of WORMS ENTREPRISES are not its authorized representatives, they alone are responsible for any agreements they may make with their customers.



In case of litigation, jurisdiction is given to the MEAUX Commercial Court, which will be the only competent legal entity.